We know the slogan of Gdynia Design Days 2022!

12 April 2022

We know the slogan of Gdynia Design Days 2022!

Empasea – this is the slogan of this year's edition of the festival. In it, we combine the threads that we have taken up in previous years, as well as a completely new perspective – the context of the Baltic Sea and water reservoirs.

We continue the idea of ​​cooperation and being together, which we are expanding this year with new threads. Exhibitions and events will address the most important challenges. Here we will find threads about how in everyday life we ​​can all learn from local people to quickly adapt to change and how by acting together, we can change the present.

This year's slogan is an invitation to joint action. That is why we want to build together with you this year's graphic identity of the festival. To become part of it, post a photo on Instagram that illustrates what the Baltic Sea means to you. Show it to us with your eyes and tag #empasea.

Find out more about this year's slogan.